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7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your UX Designer Portfolio

by Marcin Bednarz
September 13. 2018

While recruiting new Designers, I had to do with a wide range of presented projects - from average to extraordinary. Basing on my experiences, I want to share with you remarks that can be helpful. Why the portfolio you've been working on days and nights doesn't pass muster? What puts off a recruiter? What is worth spending some more time on?


Remember about trends

It's not about following them blindly. Trends change, like the clients' requirements who want to adapt their websites to the trending preferences. However, the design is supposed to serve for longer than one season. That's why your task is to show that you can incorporate elements of trends into your projects. May they be consistent and functional!



The basic rule of web design is typographic minimalism. Two different kinds of a font is the maximum. Various font sizes are adverse, too. It ruins the clarity of the project. Be especially careful in this aspect. The ability to work with typography says a lot about a candidate's professionalism.



Only high counts, as your ambitions. Always check your projects in this aspect. A pixelated graphic is a fault leaving an awful impression.


No to distractions

This point includes UX. While creating websites, you need to remember that a user should use it with pleasure and comfort. Bombarding them with unnecessary triggers is off-putting! Turn on your critical mode and look at your projects. Do they include unnecessary elements? Animations that exist only to show off? Have you found something like this? Awesome! Remove it! The message of the website should be clear.


Exception from the minimalism

The person who recruits the Designer has already reached your portfolio and goes through projects. Will they see only one design view? Yes? I have bad news. In this case, you don't show your full potential. Design both desktop and mobile views. This way you'll prove that no form of the project is too difficult for you!


Mockup trap

Who doesn't love mockups? All you need is inserting elements of your project to the ready template. The result is usually aesthetic. However, I advise you to use them carefully. The person judging your projects wants to take a closer look at them. A mockup makes it impossible. Try to make your work as clear as possible. Use mockups moderately!


Flat presentations

The case is similar to the mockup thing. A flat presentation is a nice package. The bottom line of the project is the interface. That's what you are going to develop at work. You need to prove you can do it right.


Heavy-gunned in this knowledge, go back to the work and sin less. ;)


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