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Dependency Injection in C# - how to make it?

by Dawid Kraczkowski
January 14. 2019

Today I would like to make you familiar (especially Junior Developers) with an elementary yet powerful concept – Dependency Injection.

First things first. Dependency Injection is a technique or methodology where object dependencies are externally supplied to given object. This is the direct realization of IoC (Inversion of Control). I suppose it doesn't explain you much. I know it sounds like magic, but I will explain both concepts with examples. :)


Let's consider the following code:


Dependency Injection, C#, Mobile Development, Junior Developer, Basic Programming Skills -


Implementation details are not relevant here. The most important thing is that we created abstraction (IUserRepository interface) and implementation (UserRepository class). Creating this instance is pretty straightforward and can be done via this code:


UserRepository, new UserRepository, Dependecy Injection, C#, Junior Developer, Basic Programming, How To Code -


Now let's create another layer which would use repositories:


Dependency Injection, C#, Junior Developer, UserRepository, GetAllUsers -


Brilliant! Now we have a service which uses our repository. The big question is: what is wrong with that piece of code? We created an instance of a concrete class in service constructor. Well, it's nothing wrong with using constructors in code, but lets consider 3 following cases:

1. One developer decided to implement their own version of UserRepository. Turns out that this implementation is way better than currently used one. Such a shame our project has about 60 services which use UserRepository… Now we have to change it everywhere, which is pretty simple. Harder part is to make the change and not to make a mistake.

2. Another brilliant developer created a non-default constructor in UserRepository. We get to the same point as in the first scenario.

3. Outstanding developer had an idea to write services unit tests. Not going to happen! Why? They can’t! Services strongly rely on concrete repository implementation which in fact can access the database or do plenty of different stuff.


After all these horror stories, I'm introducing you to the resolver:


Dependency Injection, C#, Junior Developer, public static class, DependencyResolver, Public static void, refister -


Again, implementation is not relevant here. There are 2 main functions:
1. Register binds together an interface and its implementation.
2. Resolve retrieves a specific object of given class/interface.


Somewhere in the main application class in assembly far far away we register our repository like that:


Dependency Injection, C#, Junior Developer, DependencyResolver, IUserRepository -


Now let's improve the service code a bit:


Dependency Injection, C#, Junior Developer, public UserService, DependencyResolver, GetAllUsers -

From this moment, feel free to not care about repository implementation, we just ask our resolver for the object associated with the interface. Our outstanding developer would be satisfied as he can now create interface mock and write unit tests. But still, it is not fully implemented IoC and Dependency Injection. There is just one thing we have to change:


Dependency Injection, C#, Junior Developer, userRepositiory, UserService, GetAllUsers -


After adding this tiny line of code, we do not even need to know how resolving works. Everything we want is injected via constructor into our service, and therefore we can use it without any limitations.

The trickier part is how to create a fully inverted application which for examples performs navigation between different views, binds models to them with all dependencies, etc. But that is really technology dependent topic and (perhaps) the topic of our other considerations. :)


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