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How a developer can improve landing page performance to lower cost per click

by Yaroslav Ushak
October 26. 2018

Do you know how many seconds do you have to catch people's attention on the internet?


That's not a lot. At this point, you probably don't want to waste them on the loading time of your website. You're correct! According to the KISSmetrics study,  a 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. But it's not all about the potential customers. The stake is way higher.


Performance and cost per click

Performance of a landing page is the first step to the successful AdWords campaign. The more optimized website, the lower cost per click advertising. The conclusion? To cut back on ad spend, make sure your landing page doesn't take forever to load.


A Developer as the new SEO Specialist

When it comes to improving landing page speed, no one will do it better than a developer. By having access to the actual construction of the page, Developer can pimp it up on the most basic level.


The first thing you need to do is to check your page performance. Google provides a simple free tool. Just type the URL of your page and check out if you need some tweaking:

Google will give specific recommendations on how can you improve your landing page.

On the other hand, we want to give you universal tips on speeding up the loading time. You can use them right now to get more satisfying cost per click.


Are we getting started?

  • Do you use frameworks like AngularJs, Angular, Vue, React?. When you use them, your content is not indexed, which is not good news. To index the content, create a cached version of page. It is provided before plugging in frameworks. Only when all the necessary resources are loaded, the actual content is rendered.

    The content is indexed, and page optimization tools show 100%. Your cost per click will thank you!

  • If you can replace a picture with code or SVG,  GO FOT IT! Exception: Large SVG code that takes longer to render than a standard picture. This case occurs when the graphic is relatively big and complicated.

  • The perfect order of loading is styles of the upper part of your page, markup, scripts, and the rest of styles. This way you eliminate weird behavior of the content.

  • Your fundamental duty is using browser cache and content compression (using gzip or other technology). It gives your page a decent loading speed boost.

  • For displaying a website, use as little markup as it is possible.


Why loading time affects cost per click?

The reason is simple. Let's suppose your landing page is loading slowly. When users click on your and then have to wait for website response, they will probably give up and go to the other side of the Internet. For Google, it's a clear signal - this landing page provides a miserable experience. The negative assessment can harm your Ad Rank badly, cost per click rises. You don't want to pay more than you should, do you?

Again, taking care of landing page speed is a fundamental way to the low cost of Google Adwords campaign.


Optimizing your page load time increases visitors' satisfaction and saves both your time and money. Give it a try!

Want to improve your landing page even more? See how a good copy can help! 

And how about using blockchain in your business?

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