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How Good Texts Make Your Website Successful

by Magdalena Owsiany
August 16. 2018

UX designer will take care of a high-quality design in terms of aesthetic and usability. A programmer will take care of making wild fantasies of the Designer reality. A copywriter will prepare the words that make the website speak for itself.

Words still matter

Hello, Reader. I'm the copywriter. I want to tell you about my job. If you are here, you probably own a website. Or have it designed. Don't even dare to think: "Okay, only some texts left". That can't be "some texts". The content of your website is not some substitute of classic Lorem Ipsum you see on the designs. Maybe we live in the era when emoji become new hieroglyphs. However, people still need a written language. You can't overlook texts on your website. That’s how you pass them the actual data. This is the message that you want to share. Big deal, isn't it?

Do you need a copywriter?

Who doesn’t love quizzes? Let’s take one! So, when it's better to pass the duty of creating the content to the professional? Ask yourself a few questions:


Do you have no clue what to write?

Do you have an idea but the proper words don't want to enter your head?

Do you have an experience in writing for the mysterious land of Internet?


If the answer for any of these questions is no, you should think about calling your new superhero - the copywriter.

To be a lighthouse in the sea of content

Great design is nothing when you have no message for your viewer. No offence colleagues from the Design Division, you're doing an awesome job! But on the internet, you have very little time to draw attention. Have you already done it? Awesome! Now it's time for a harder part: make people stay on your website. Your potential visitors are drowning in countless triggers. Getting distracted is easy. To achieve your goal, your trigger has to be the strongest one.

Win the hearts of people

Most of us don't admit it, but emotions have a huge role in a way we see the world and react to things. Usually, we don't even realize this, we are certain that our choices are extremely logical. Beep, wrong answer! Emotions are an important factor in our decision making. Studies say that an unprocessed emotion lasts about 90 seconds. My job as a copywriter is to wake up certain emotions and make them last. The stronger the better. To do this, I get to know my reader. What are their needs? Hopes? Dreams? Fears? All of these factors shape them into individuals with the unique set of features. I have tools and skills to convince them to interact with you.

Copywriting and business

Apple, Ikea and Old Spice. What does connect these companies? Great copy. Every text they put on their website is simple, sleek and on point. However, there is a catch. Creating this perfect slogan, description and “About Us” section takes time. The greater experience with words, the bigger your chances of success are. The copywriter types thousands of words on a daily basis. No matter if you need a product description or to present a big idea. Do you want to nail your website content? Delegate this task to the copywriter! With their speed of several text ideas per minute, you’ll have a great choice of high-quality content.

Come on. There are other things that demand your attention.

Now you get the concept

Copywriting is a mental game. To have a successful website, you don’t have to know the rules – you have an option to choose a skilled ally. The copywriter understands them and will play to win for you.


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