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How Can You Apply Blockchain To Your Business? Inspiration By ServoCode

by Anna Tomaszewska
September 28. 2018

We say blockchain you think cryptocurrencies. You're right!

However, this technology provides a variety of solutions that have a potential to change the world. This is what technology should do.

Crucial advantages of using blockchain are service decentralization (no place for brokers), using smart contracts (pieces of code that are the digital version of standard paper contracts) and data safety. Want to get to know more about the blockchain? Go here.

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Today we want to show you our favorite blockchain usages, including our idea. We have the leftovers of modesty, so our solution is at the end of the article.

Power Ledger

It's a peer to peer network. Power Ledger allows private and commercial users for buying and selling the surplus of renewable energy in real-time. The purchases are made with the use of the cryptocurrency called POWR, which belongs to the company. The purpose is to provide stable, affordable and available to everyone electricity.

DHealth Network

In this case, blockchain is used for safe storing of medical data of patients. They can access these data if there is such a need (for example, doctor appointments). DHealth created these databases to decrease the risk of incorrect diagnosis.


Time for a startup. It offers a solution to the problem of growing illegal market of drugs and dietary supplements produced in China. These harmful substances are exported to the whole world. FarmaTrust monitors the supply chain of the pharmaceutic industry, both for the private and commercial users. Startup's tracking system connects with ERP systems what allows for eliminating drugs of the unknown background that appear online or on the black market. 


PayPal of cryptocurrencies. It supports the puchase of cryptocurrencies and allows for the payment for goods and services in traditional currencies. Founders of Change are planning to launch debit cards and mobile applications so that users could control all their finances in one place.


In smart cities, the number of flying drones increases, the air gets busy. It's easier to have an accident. Vimana comes to rescue with the aerial system.  The solution allows for communication between drones through the blockchain (one of the blockchain's features is automatic synchronization of the endless amount of data). This way the risk of collision is decreased significantly.


The blockchain helping refugees? Of course, why not? ExsulCoin supports and educates people from refugee camps to make the assimilation and finding a job easier for them. Identification, verification and payments are made by refugees through tokens. They can be exchanged for a local currency later with the help of a debit card. The organization plans to apply the rating system and connect a donor with the refugee directly. This is the solution to eliminate the external corruption and make sure that the right recipient will receive the money.


And finally...


We are passionate about becoming a teal organization. An element of achieving this goal is democracy in decision-making (budget division, rises for colleagues and many more). That's why we created voting surveys. You can't fake a vote or check voter's identity. Employees have an anonymity comfort while deciding about important issues. We are planning on making our voting system available to other organizations. It would be a great tool for supervisory board or management votes.

Everything thanks the blockchain!


Understand And Use Blockchain - A Beginner's Guide


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