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How To Improve Your Typography In 4 Simple Steps

by Vitaliy Kolomiets
January 28. 2019

Typography and web design

More than 95% of the information on the Internet is text. And yes, people do only scan it. Nevertheless, UX Designers must make this process as pleasant as possible. Otherwise, users will leave your page without hesitation. Therefore, the typography design on your site should be flawless.

As I’ve been in the graphic design business for a long time, I understand how important this topic is.  However, after reading the book “Better Web Typography” my mind was blown. I reloaded my knowledge and learned a lot. With all this in mind, I will give you some tips on optimizing typography so that the information is accessible, readable and clear.

Use the minimum number of fonts

Of course, everyone knows that. But, judging by the many sites on the Internet, few people put this theory into practice. While designing a site, use a maximum of two different fonts. If you have little experience, use just one font. This way, you won’t make rookie mistakes. When using 2 styles, it is better to use the selection guide. Here are two small articles on how to combine fonts correctly: first small article and second small article.


typography rules, how to improve typography, typography mistakes, typography bullet points -


Standard or oh-so-designer fonts?

Of course, choosing a font is not easy. Using standard fonts is way more convenient. First of all, they are free. Secondly, programmers will not have problems connecting a new font. And of course, basic internet user is familiar with standard fonts. They are perceived better. But using Open Sans in every project is boring as heck. I bet you usually feel a temptation to pick some kind of "cool" font for a new site or application. If you are a typography design newbie, you might make many mistakes in this field. For you, here are some popular and good sans-serif fonts that you can easily use on the web: Gilroy, Museo Sans, AvenirNext.


typography rules, how to improve typography, typography mistakes, typography bullet points -


Line length and spacing

Content width is an essential parameter. If you make a text column with a width of 1600 pixels, it won’t be comfortable to read. Don't forget about the line spacing. It’s better to do more than pinch the text. There are many ways and information on the choice of these values. The easiest and most correct is to use the typography calculator. You need to select only 3 parameters. Font family, text size and column width. After clicking on the button, you will get suggestions on the size of the spacing and width of the text blocks.

Remember, don’t make the lines too short. The optimal number of characters in one line is 60 on the desktop and 30-40 on mobile devices.


typography rules, how to improve typography, typography mistakes, typography bullet points -


Font color

In the selection of colors for the font is nothing complicated. It's not necessary to invent something, you can just use black and white color depending on the background. The more the text is visible, the faster users will read it. Don’t use light green or yellow text. Also, try to avoid combining green with red, as it will not be pleasant for the eyes when such colors are close to each other. If you’re not sure about font colors for your design, go to a popular site, for example, Apple, Microsoft, and use the same text colors.


typography rules, how to improve typography, typography mistakes, typography bullet points -


Final notices

Typography design is the key to success of any product, website, application or book. These tips are also applicable to the printing industry. Thanks to them, you can easily create a good product both with extraordinary typography and the guarantee of user’s comfort.




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