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How To Make a Killer UX Behance Presentation

by Vitaliy Kolomiets
March 26. 2019

How to make an awesome Behance presentation?

Presentations are an awesome way to show off your recent projects. You want to make a good first impression, right? In this article, we will point out the key aspects you should focus on while creating your project. For the inspiration purposes, we prepared for you examples of our solutions. Feel free to get some inspiration!

Let's get started!

Describe the process

Show everyone how you did it. It's good to answer the following questions:

What was the task?

What targets did you want to achieve?

What fonts did you use and why?


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At this stage, don't forget about making use of the brand book - you are displaying the project you have already done. Don't make changes to it. Talking about the design, use screenshots of your project. Remember about app platforms. Show the final effect on a desktop, mobile, and a tablet.


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When someone watches your presentation, you don't want them to feel like "I've seen it all before". If you want to make your presentation look professional, don't use popular and well-used mockups.
This rule applies to you especially when you become a more and more advanced designer. Show off your skills!


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"No" for using more than two different fonts. Using the proper spacing. Picking the right font colors and more. These are little details that make a difference in when you make a Behance presentation. I won't focus on every single aspect of typography rules because we already have a guide with tips and useful tools to approach this issue. Grab a link!


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Add a pinch of your ideas

Of course, the client is the one who sets the rules for how the application or website design should be. However, it doesn't mean that you can't add new interesting elements to the Behance presentation. The background gives you a room for maneuver.

Let's suppose you're preparing a drone app presentation. Think of using a drone animation, beautiful aerial photos etc.

Remember that presentation is not for the client but for your Behance promotion purposes. You can do some tweaks to display the project in an attractive way.


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Call to action

At the end of your Behance presentation, it's worth convincing the viewer to give you a thumb up. Use your creativity to intrigue person behind the screen!


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When is the best time to post on Behance?

This piece of advice is not directly related to the subject on how to make a Behance presentation. However, it's good to keep the good timing on Behance, no matter if you post a presentation or just a quick shot.

What is the first thing I and many other Designers do in the morning?
We all check the Internet for inspirations. Dribbble, Pinterest and of course Behance.
When you post your work around 9-10 AM (my time zone is UTC+01:00), there is a greater chance that people will notice and appreciate your work. Try to avoid posting Behance projects in the evening or on the weekends. This is the time when your recipients are less active on Behance.

Behance promotion

So you have already done the presentation. Is this the end of guide on how to make a Behance presentation? Nope! Now it's the highest time for Behance promotion. Designers post thousands of projects daily, so the probability that your work will break through is low. Even if it's outstanding.

We have already done a guide on increasing the count of views and followers by small tweaks done daily. Using them allowed us to gain 20 thousand new project views in 3 months. They do magic! To learn more ways of Behance promotion go here.

That's all for today. We hope that now you know how to make a Behance presentation that is going to gain appreciation from the viewers.

If you are curious about our whole Behance portfolio, visit us!



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