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How to prepare materials for the design of your website?

by Vitaliy Kolomiets
November 16. 2018

Do you want a fresh design for your business website or mobile app? Or maybe you need something for your new business? No matter your situation, it's good to know what to prepare for this change to save your time and money. Today, we want to give you tips on this subject to make the process pleasant and effortless.


Importance of cooperation

You need to prepare materials Designers Team can work with. The fewer things you provide at the beginning, the longer will the process take. Consequently, the design will cost more. You don't want that right?

Designers are the people who will level up your design, but your input is essential to make this mission successful.


Skeleton - categories

A menu bar is like a lighthouse of your website. When a visitor gets lost, it's the surest navigation point. That's why you need to think it over thoroughly. What categories and tabs should you include to make user's experience the most pleasant you can? Remember, people leave when they get frustrated by poorly designed website.

You are the one who decides what does your website/app includes. Of course, in ServoCode you can count on suggestions on the categories placement so that it was consistent with UX rules.


Guts - content

Substantively correct, high quality and original - that's how your website texts should look like. Excellent content is the best proof of your professionalism. Individualism is valuable when it comes to search engine optimization. Copying text is unacceptable - not only because of copyrights and work ethics reasons but also Google aversion to copies. Original content is valued higher than repetitive texts.

It is the part that demands a lot of attention. If you don't feel like writing content on your own, you can turn to copywriter. The majority of design agencies hire copywriters who are ready to support you with their writing workshop. Just prepare critical points about your business and leave it up to the veteran writer.

We also have a Copywriter! ServoCode provides content and design at once. You can read her text about the importance of good material HERE.

Skin - graphics

Do you have any graphics you want to include? Send all of the necessary materials to the Designers Team so they can incorporate them into a project. Do you have a Brand Book? Excellent, send it to us, we will provide you with the output faster! Don’t worry about the file size, the Designer will adjust every graphic.

Why? The high file weight is impractical. It takes forever to load because of their size. Remember that 1 second of loading delay causes 7% decrease in conversions. People get discouraged when they have to wait for a website to get ready. It's a big deal!

How about the extensions? Should it be jpg, svg or png? In general, svg works best for logotypes, because it allows for various transformations without losing the quality. For the rest of the graphics, it doesn’t matter if you will send us jpg or png.

Now you have a solid base to prepare materials for your business design. With these instructions, you will save your time, money and nerves. We wish you the outstanding design!


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