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How to test OutSystem applications

by Gennadii Semenyshyn
November 23. 2018

Just like any other software, products made with OutSystems need covering with tests. This procedure allows for creating sustainable software. OutSystems helps to generate standard mobile and web apps, with the usual server side. That's why you can test it like a normal web-page without any fears and hesitations. Remember, the tested product is a sign of professionalism!

How to make it?

The Unit Testing Framework available in OutSystems Forge provides a complete framework for implementing, executing and managing unit tests. It is the equivalent to NUnit or JUnit and, for the other aspects, HP Quality Center, HP Load Runner, WAPT, Rally Quality Manager and Selenium.

The Visual Development and Continuous Integrity Validation help to minimize the number of bugs. Even when someone uses standard industry tools for testing, there will be fewer testing and fix cycles, which significantly reduces the associated development and delivery effort.

Advantages of a BDD (Behavior Driven Development) Framework

The BDD Framework component in OutSystems Forge is an open source component that you can adapt to your own needs, but already provides an easy way to:

- create test scenarios

- enable test-driven development

- have each step of the test implemented as a single action

- have multiple tests on the same page

How to use BDD Framework in 9 steps

1. Download BDD Framework from OutSystems forge.

2. Create application which will serve as a tester for existing solution.

3. Import BDD Framework into this new project.

4. Drag BDDScenario web block to you screen.

5. Use BDDStep web blocks in "given", "when", "then" fields of BDDScenario.

6.Create onNotifyActions for each of BDDStep block used.

7. Perform testing actions, at the end of each set up Assert action from BDD Framework, which will compare expected value with the value we have obtained during the test

8. Add Setup/Teardown action if you need one for testing.

9. After everything is done - publish your tesing module.

When opening it in browser you will see which of asserts have failed, what has been expected and what was received.

Behavior Driven Development and Test Driven Development practices allow you to include a quality-driven delivery process in your teams. Although the requirements for creating the tests do not vary a lot, the approach will enable teams to focus on the creation of tests for the most critical use cases.

Out Systems and Selenium

Also because OutSystems creates a typical website, it can be tested using tools like Selenium. Moreover, in OutSystems Forge, there is also Test Automator, a browser (Selenium-based) and unit (WebService-based) regression testing tool that can help teams get started.


Now you can test your apps continuously, or at one moment they may refuse to work!


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