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See How OutSystems Can Improve Your Business and Work

by Gennadii Semenyshyn
October 05. 2018

You may have heard about OutSystems. But what is it exactly?

This is a low-code development platform. In short, OutSystems allows developers for creating software with the help of user interfaces. Without the need for traditional programming. It allows for creating both mobile and web applications easier. Moreover, clients can receive their orders quicker than usual. As I've spent hundreds of hours on learning its features, now I can show you how OutSystems can make a positive impact on your business.

Possibilities of OutSystems

The platform allows for full-stack development on one device. This solution makes app-database communication and connection easier. offers deployment and app actualization with only one click. It saves the time of both clients waiting for a ready product and poor developers. Such an agile-development-friendly platform, isn't it?


As I mentioned before, everything necessary for development is in one place. OutSystems allows you for quick changes. You don't have to wait for the functionality you want for weeks.


The design doesn't look well? No problem! Tab "Interface" comes to rescue. Do you want to implement server-side logic? Take it easy - for this purpose, "Logic" tab was made. Database management is also no problem with OutSystems.


Another fantastic advantage is a life-changing recovery system. Mistakes happen. Projects break down. But the system allows you for going back to over 50 previous versions of your project. You don't have to fall on your knees and yell "Nooooo!" anymore!


To sum up, this platform stands out when it comes to the user-friendly interface where everything is in its place. Thank the recovery system, you have a full control over the version you work on. Moreover, OutSystems makes module teamwork easy. That helps to provide stable software in a shorter time.
Of course, you can use all these facilities with ease after getting to know them well.


The dark side of the OutSystems (don't be afraid!)

OutSystems is not flawless, like everything in this world.
Dear Developer, this message is for you. To learn this platform, you need to prepare for an unpleasant surprise - Google won't be helpful in this case. Fellow professionals around you may be your only hope.

Now you may ask: what if I'm all on my own? For you, the option is asking questions on various forums. However, you probably won't get your answers immediately.


That's why we are reaching out to you. We want to create a guide. The guide that covers the problems I faced while my road to OutSystems certification. I recommend you to make a good learning platform. For this low-code platform, the best approach is to take baby steps. We will give you tips on it.


Next time, we'll get into details of OutSystems blocks reusability. How to apply them both to your work and business? Stay tuned!


Testing apps in OutSystems made easy

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