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Why I Picked Figma To Be My UX Designer Tool

by Vitaliy Kolomiets
February 25. 2019

What The Heck Is Figma?

Figma is a program for complex prototyping. Founders describe it as "the collaborative interface design tool". I wholeheartedly agree. It beats Adobe XD and Sketch when it comes to connecting processes of prototyping, team collaboration and sharing your design.

For several years of my UX Designer career, I've been making my designs using Adobe products. Recently a revolution in the form of Figma has come to my work. Why should you give it a try? I have 9 hard facts for you!


This is the main page of Figma browser version. Here you can login to your projects, learn or download desktop version. -


1. Figma Runs In The Browser

This is the first and most important feature. You don't need expensive setup, your RAM won't be eaten alive and you have the access to your projects anytime, anywhere from any device. Just go to, sign up and start working.
On the other hand, you won't have any excuse to squirrel out of sending files on your exotic holidays on tap.


2. Real-time Cooperation On A Completely New Level

Figma comes to the rescue when you have to work on a project with your team. You can develop designs together at the current time. The changes update automatically. This way, no Designer will see the outdated project version and overwrite colleagues' work. Change notifications allow your team to keep up with the latest perfections without tons of messages.
The free version allows you to cooperate with one additional person. Paid plans offer you an unlimited number of users.


Figma also provides a higher access level to your stakeholders. You can share the current project state via a link, just like in Google Docs. This way, the process of collecting feedback and making any change to the project becomes easy as ABC. Say goodbye to the "project-final-final-final" pngs!


Developers benefit from switching to Figma, too. They can access the source code of your design, copy it directly and inspect every element. Fewer bugs improve the quality of life, right?


A presentation of Figma features for Developers. They can access source code, copy and check it any time, with live updates. -


3. Life-saving Typography Features

Actually, one feature but highly important to me. You can switch from lowercase to block letters with one click. Lack of this feature was giving me a headache in Adobe XD so it's a nice change.


4. User-friendly Interface

You don't have to scratch your head over where all the options are. The whole Figma is incredibly intuitive. Even if you have some issues, there is elaborate support so you can look up everything you need. A feature worth mentioning is the adaptation of design elements when you change the screen size so you don't have to waste time for tweaking. Figma is all about optimizing.


Here is a handy Figma function: teams can reach any element they have created previously via libraries. -


5. Device Installation

If you crave for the desktop version, you can install Figma on your PC. The application is available for macOS and Windows. Figma downloads, apart from the actual tool, include Live Device Preview (Figma Mirror) and Font Installers. Getting the desktop version takes several minutes. Mesmerizing result comparing to the Creative Cloud installation. You probably understand the pain.


If you need a desktop version of Figma, you can download it on the website along with some extras. -


6. Opening Sketch Files

Google says that "can Figma open Sketch files" is one of the most searched questions on this tool. Yes, it can. It's a gamechanger when you are forced to work with a fellow Designer who refuses to switch from Sketch to anything else.


7. Integration Possibilities

Figma gives you a possibility of integration with Avocode, Zepplin and Dribbble. That's great news for every busy Dribbbler who puts up new project constantly. Figma will definitely help you to optimize this process.


8. Budget-friendly Chances For Students

A huge shoutout to Figma for understanding that poor students don't have money for professional design tools. If you are a student, you can access all the paid features for free after verifying your student status. How does the verification look? Fill in a form with your school email address, school name, its location, and the website. You'll receive the information on the verification success of fail via your school email.


Free full version of Figma for students; here is the case study of such an educational use -


9. Learning Made Easy

Last but not least, Figma Team did their best to make using this tool as smooth as possible. They put emphasis on education. You can see it clearly while exploring their website.

Let's begin with videos. On the company's YouTube, you can find a wide range of tutorials. They will explain to you how to maximize opportunities that Figma gives you step by step, in a plain and convenient way.


a screenshot from one of the tutorials for new users of Figma; they explain how the tool works -


Figma doesn't overlook design newbies. Especially for them, the website offers references on basic rules of design. After reading, students have a chance to put theory into practice by completing exercises. You can access these materials here. Figma also prepared a small design dictionary for those who want to get the definitions right.


Examples of exercises that users can use for improving their design skills; they are free of charge -


Finally, if you want to learn about Figma's new upgrades and success stories, head to its Medium account


Now I Want You To Take A Stand

What are your thoughts on Figma? Do you find it revolutionary on the market of design and prototyping software? Have you already been using Figma? What is your favorite thing about this tool?


Figma encourages users to share their favorite things about this tool on Twitter. People use hashtag #whyilovefigma -

Let us know in the comments below!



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